Very nice and convenient service
Jan 21, 2021
Ryan L.
Canby, OR
Awesome. Showed up quickly. My Mom was locked out and lost her keys. He was able to rekey her house, garage and mail box. Great price and great ...
Dec 24, 2020
Caren L.
King City, OR
Arrived on time and completed work efficiently. costs were very reasonable. would recommend Mark if you need prompt and reliable service. thank ...
Dec 22, 2020
Joyce F.
King City, OR
Call Mark before you bother calling any of the big competitors. He’s very professional and the nicest guy. He had my issue resolved within an ho...
Oct 31, 2020
Kris D.
Beaverton, OR
Mark is extremely kind, and doesn't try to rip you off in a moment of vulnerability. His prices are extremely reasonable, especially when compar...
Oct 20, 2020
Dan S.
Lake Oswego, OR
Quick, courteous, and competitive pricing.
Oct 15, 2020
Amy N.
Portland, OR
Mark helped me out today after I locked my car keys inside the vehicle. He arrived at my location promptly in 20 minutes and was able to get the...
Sep 30, 2020
Daniella P.
Sherwood, OR
Mark runs a wonderful locksmith service. He is prompt and very kind, not to mention the best deal you are going to find in the area. His prices ...
Sep 27, 2020
Krista H
Portland, OR
He was so nice, and his pricing is phenomenal. Would recommend to anybody! Thank you, Mark!
Aug 30, 2020
Shawna O.
Portland, OR
Mark did a great job at a great price!
Aug 24, 2020
Faustin R.
Portland, OR
Great job!!! Arrived 15 minutes after the call, actually opened the car in 2 minutes!!! I recommend this service to everyone.
Jul 29, 2020
Borys S.
Tigard, OR
Mark is awesome. My son locked his key in his car and Mark met us there and quickly got his door unlocked and got him back on the road. Mark was...
Jul 12, 2020
Jenifer S.
Beaverton, OR
100% Recommend, Its affordable! And Friendly service. No doubt I would recommend this to anyone. I am 100% Satisfied with the service.
May 23, 2020
Isaac M.
Gladstone, OR
Mark was very kind and professional. He charges an affordable price for his services. I really appreciated how quickly he was able to come out a...
Mar 16, 2020
Mariah S.
Tualatin, OR
Great service, fast work and absolutely the best attitude in my time of distress! I'd give a million stars if I was allowed. I called a differen...
Mar 09, 2020
Jannet M.
Tigard, OR
Just a really nice guy!
Feb 20, 2020
Debra D.
King City, OR
Very professional, cleaned up after his work and was very reasonable.
Feb 11, 2020
Brit A.
King City, OR
It was a great experience. We were very happy with the results. Very professional and friendly.
Feb 07, 2020
Cristinel M.
Tigard, OR
Excellent service and pricing. Mark arrived within 15-20 minutes. He was courteous and professional. Thank you!
Feb 07, 2020
Chadlee C.
Sherwood, OR
Excellent service. I was locked out of my car and it took less than 30 minutes from when I called Mark to me being in my car and on the road.
Jan 30, 2020
Isabella P.
Tualatin, OR
very informative and knowledgeable
Jan 17, 2020
Felicia P.
Lake Oswego, OR
Mark was very friendly, quick, professional and fairly priced. Thank you!
Jan 08, 2020
Amber K.
Portland, OR
He was very nice! Mark got to my apartment in a timely manner and was very fast! I would recommend him! Thank you!!
Jan 08, 2020
Gwendelynn W.
Tigard, OR
Cheap prices and great service. Totally recommended.
Dec 21, 2019
Hillsboro, OR
Very nice and respectable guy. Prompt and fast service. I highly recommend using his services if needed.
Dec 02, 2019
Toomeys Games
Portland, OR
He only charged me $40 to unlock my bedroom door after hours! I would highly recommend Mark!
Aug 31, 2019
Angela R.
Sherwood, OR
You need Mark's service. If you need help, call him. Best locksmith in Multnomah and Washington county.
Aug 16, 2019
Azekiel Herrera.
Portland, OR
Marks was awesome! Showed up in about 45 minutes & got us in our house after a lockout in about 5 minutes. Best part, $40 total! All other p...
Aug 12, 2019
Dan W.
Portland, OR
Very knowledgeable and best price . Highly recommend.
Aug 07, 2019
Vincent W.
Tualatin, OR
Mark was great!
Jul 20, 2019
Dave R.
Tigard, OR
I used Mark's service to re-key my front door.  His prices are reasonable and presented up front.  He has a great online appointment scheduler s...
Jul 18, 2019
Deborah P.
Sherwood, OR
Prompt, courteous service without the emergency price gouging. Look no further.
Jul 15, 2019
Chad D.
Tigard, OR
Having been involved in rental ownership and management for over 20 years, I can tell you that Mark is not only one of the most professional loc...
Jul 13, 2019
Norbert B.
Tigard, OR
He did such an amazing job definitely the guy to go to if you ever get locked out of the car. Most fair price as well!
Jun 28, 2019
Alicia V.
Portland, OR
Came right away and completed the job quickly.
May 25, 2019
Karl S.
Tualatin. OR
Wow, just wow. It was 4:30 am and on a Saturday and locked myself out of my work office. Mark showed up in 20’ & had my problem fixed immedi...
May 18, 2019
Jared Leeper
Tualatin, OR
This guy is a good dude. He has good energy.
May 01, 2019
Jr Rodriguez
I give Mark a double five star rating! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM! VERY pleasant, VERY fair price for an onsite service call! I had a Deadbolt...
Mar 27, 2019
Morris W.
Lake Oswego, OR
Best locksmith in the area
Mar 12, 2019
John D.
Beaverton, OR
Locked my keys in my car while it was running with my dog and cat in the car, on a Saturday morning at 7:30. He was there within 20 minutes and ...
Mar 03, 2019
Nichole M.
Beaverton, OR
Mark arrived right on time. He was professional, trustworthy, and pleasant as he worked. He clearly has a lot of experience and a level of exper...
Feb 21, 2019
John W.
Beaverton, OR
I locked my keys in my car on a Sunday. After a short internet search I found Mark. He had the flat fee for this service ($40) posted. Looked re...
Feb 18, 2019
Cristina V.
Hillsboro, OR
Thank you Mark! It was a distinct and genuine pleasure to work with you. I appreciated the wonderful service!
Feb 05, 2019
Mark L.
King City, OR
Mark met me at the location we discussed over the phone within the arrival time we discussed and was not only friendly and efficient but was abl...
Jan 25, 2019
Crystal W.
Beaverton, OR
Great service! Mark was so nice and professional. He came out quickly and was by far the cheapest quote I got. Everywhere else I called wouldn't...
Jan 20, 2019
Courtney B.
Portland, OR
Mark is a great guy and true professional! If you ever locked yourself - he is the guy to go. that too only for $40 flat fee (per lock I think- ...
Jan 16, 2019
Sandeep K.
Hillsboro, OR
Mark is amazing and he's very efficient when does quality work I would recommend him to anybody and his company.
Jan 08, 2019
Debra B.
A very nice guy and pleasant to talk too. This is my fourth time to use his service. Highly recommended.
Jan 05, 2019
Emad O.
Beaverton, OR
Mark is the best locksmith around.  Great service, Quick, friendly, and affordable with no hidden fees.  I accidentally locked my keys in the ca...
Jan 02, 2019
Eloina F.
Portland, OR
Mark is always very professional and gets the job done efficiently and quickly.
Sep 19, 2018
Laurie V.
Portland, OR
Mark saved my LIFE today. I called Locksmith Monkey before hand and he was super expensive and also VERY aggressive wanting to Charge me over $3...
Aug 10, 2018
Jamila Abdullah
Portland, OR
Great job, I appreciate your professionalism. look forward to working with you in the future.
Jul 25, 2018
Terry C.
Sherwood, OR
Did a great unlock today for me! Very grateful for how fast and skilled Mark was. From working for a towing company in Washington, I know that M...
Jul 24, 2018
Anna R.
Tigard, OR
Fast response and quality job done. Our company will use you for all re-keys! Thanks!
Jul 15, 2018
Laurie V.
Beaverton, OR
So incredibly helpful, very inexpensive, and he worked on trying to pick our impossibly difficult lock for quite a while before resorting to dri...
Jul 13, 2018
Alex T.
Beaverton, OR
Mark saved me when I locked my keys in my car. I was over an hour from home and he was so kind and fast.
Jul 02, 2018
Alicia F.
Forest Grove, OR
Super nice and helpful! Got my car unlocked within minutes and for cheap! Will definitely recommend Mark to others!
May 12, 2018
Efrain Montes
Beaverton, OR
I researched several locksmiths and his was the best price by far. He was quick and professional, and got the job done in just a few minutes. I ...
May 03, 2018
Mary Belle St. Denis
Tigard, OR
Mark is a cheerful fellow, conducts with workmanlike efficiency, gladly performed additional work.
Dec 16, 2017
Stephen C.
Portland, OR
Great experience!! Mark was punctual, very courteous, and did a great job for the price advertised. No hidden fees. He even helped fix a deadbol...
Aug 24, 2017
Robert C.
Lake Oswego, OR
Mark was so friendly. He arrived within 10 minutes or less. He unlocked my car in 1 minute. Super cheap price. He is a much better optio...
Apr 18, 2017
Eduardo E.
Tualatin, OR
Mark called me back quickly and arrived in 15 minutes to unlock our car.  He worked hard to open our car in the pouring rain.  Very nice and I w...
Feb 08, 2017
Ginette S.
Tigard, OR
After a terrible experience with Advantage Locksmith here in town, Mark quickly got me up and on my way. No hidden costs. His price is as advert...
Dec 01, 2016
Will B.
Tigard, OR
Above and beyond service for our unique situation today!
Nov 29, 2016
Mike M.
Beaverton, OR
Super nice and a very reasonable price. He came within 30 minutes and was done within 5. 95 Honda Civic.
Nov 26, 2016
Gohar R.
Beaverton, OR
Fast, professional service!!
Oct 05, 2016
Bill D.
Beaverton, OR
Your a great professional locksmith and I appreciate your help, especially since I locked myself out yesterday!
Oct 01, 2016
Diane H.
Beaverton, OR
Great guy, came right out BOTH times I used him, knowledgeable and great prices. I highly recommend him!
Sep 17, 2016
Mark S.
Lake Oswego, OR
Great guy.  Arrived on time and completed work promptly.  Quality work.
Aug 15, 2016
Bert L.
Tigard, OR
Best experience ever and with a smile! Will definitely recommend Mark to others. What a great way to make a very stressful situation disappear w...
Jul 19, 2016
Rina N.
Tigard, OR
Great work and very friendly!!!
Jun 16, 2016
Josh B.
Sherwood, OR
Great work! In and out in no time!
May 20, 2016
Ether C.
Hillsboro, OR
Customer Service, Offerings, Quality, Timeliness, Very knowledgeable and quick service.
Apr 11, 2016
Debra N.
Sherwood, OR
Super fast, once onsite and very friendly!
Mar 02, 2016
Jeff M.
Wilsonville, OR
If you need help with your house door lock, Mark is your guy! He was prompt and efficient as well as very pleasant and kind.  I had a very disco...
Feb 09, 2016
Diane I.
Tualatin, OR
Mark was quick to help and very polite. Job done in minutes and was very helpful. Great job and will call again for help if needed.
Feb 08, 2016
Shelby R.
Hillsboro, OR
Friendly and quick.
Feb 07, 2016
Heather W.
Lake Oswego, OR
Great service! Fast! Easy! and was just overall an A+
Jan 02, 2016
Paul H.
Tualatin, OR
If you need your car unlocked or house, call this gentleman Mark!I have used him twice for home lock and once for sons car over last 5 yea...
Dec 15, 2015
Marcus L.
Sherwood, OR
Very professional and caring.  I am very satisfied with his service.  Excellent customer service and very nice person.  Thank you Mark!
Sep 01, 2015
Lynn I.
Portland, OR
Mark is very personable and he does a wonderful job. His website is very informative and I like his online scheduling system.
Sep 01, 2015
Lisa R.
SW Portland, OR
Very quick and responsive, and informative of what he was doing.
Aug 29, 2015
Darren B.
Beaverton, OR
I highly recommend this business. We just had our new home rekeyed and they were fast, friendly, and did a great job. The fact that they...
Aug 07, 2015
Beth P.
Sherwood, OR
Very friendly and quick. Highly recommend.
Jul 10, 2015
Jonathan G.
Beaverton, OR
Mark's Locksmith was wonderful. He was kind the whole time and was quick even though my car gave him some difficulties. Thanks!
Jul 09, 2015
Marlene F.
Beaverton, OR
Mark went way above & beyond to unlock 3 door locks on my house.
Jun 30, 2015
Larry G.
Hillsboro, OR
Mark was super nice and it took less than 5 minutes to pop open my door lock. He charged much less than the locksmith my manager recommended. I ...
May 22, 2015
Zoey B.
Portland, OR
Mark was great, my baby sitter locked the keys in the car so I needed help quickly and Mark was there within 10 minutes and only charged me $40 ...
May 21, 2015
Gary R.
Portland, OR
Mark answered the phone after just 1 ring. He was very professional and empathetic to my situation. He was very prompt on getting to the locatio...
May 18, 2015
Fatina S.
Portland, OR
A++. Couldn't of been happier with Mark. Did a great job, no scratches and couldn't of been nicer. Thank you Mark!!
Apr 29, 2015
Byron B.
North Plains, OR
Mark changed out the front door lock and deadbolt, and replaced a locking doorknob to the garage. This is my second time using Mark's Locksmith....
Mar 14, 2015
Pamela P.
Tualatin, OR
Mark showed up promptly and got right to work.  Within minutes I had recovered my keys and was back in my car.  Mark was super friendly and prof...
Feb 15, 2015
Robert G.
Tigard, OR
I needed my backdoor re-keyed urgently. I called Mark and within one hour he was done with the job. Fast, friendly and fair prices. Thanks Mark!...
Nov 20, 2014
Forest Grove, OR
Great job!  Very reasonable price and super convenient.
Oct 08, 2014
Beaverton, OR
Mark was efficient friendly informative and of course helpful! I called 2 locksmiths closer to my location before calling Mark and they were gon...
Sep 17, 2014
Cornelius, OR
Mark was great, very nice, punctual, easy to arrange service and a very good price. Thanks, Mark... appreciate your time.
Sep 17, 2014
Tigard, OR
We called Mark because he explicitly listed his price on his website up front. He was very friendly and arrived at our house in ten minutes. Onc...
May 26, 2014
Beaverton, OR
We called Mark after 6 pm for a  lock to be popped on my girlfriends car. Mark was exceptional.  He was very personable, friendly and profession...
Jan 30, 2014
Matt B.
Beaverton, OR
Mark's great! I called him up at 10:30 pm and he was all the way in Forest Grove by 11:15. Likes to do things "by the book" to prevent any damag...
May 22, 2013
Dave S.
Forest Grove, OR
Mark was GREAT! Saved me from scammers and got me into my house in minutes!!I'm SO glad I contacted him. Cheerful, knowledgeable, helpful,...
Apr 08, 2013
Lake Oswego, OR